NeighborWorks Capital forges strategic partnerships with social investors, banks, foundations and community development financial institutions to grow our loan capital. Investments made into our loan fund, as opposed to NC underwriting loans for other financial institutions, allows us to design loan products with terms that allow us greater flexibility on rates and other terms for our customers. Through these partnerships, we have raised lower-cost capital, translating into competitive rates for our customers. These strategic partners include:


  • Ally Bank

    Ally Bank (formerly GMAC Bank), is an industrial loan bank (ILB) headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since 2008 Ally Bank has been an innovative investor by providing enterprise level capital to NWOs in the Rocky Mountain District. In 2015 Ally Bank renewed its commitment to NeighborWorks Capital and the NeighborWorks America network for the second time with an investment of $5 million.

  • Bank of America

    Bank of America is the largest bank investor of CDFIs nationally as well as for NeighborWorks Capital. The bank recently doubled its investment to $8 million as a 10 year Program Related Investment as part of its ongoing commitment to low income communities. This long term investment allows NC to provide longer-term loans for multifamily preservation and energy improvements.

  • BB&T Bank

    Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) is one of the top 20 banks by deposits with a focus on the Mid-Atlantic and Southern region. As NeighborWorks Capital’s primary business banker for treasury services the bank recently renewed and increased its line of credit to $5 million for our lending program in its market area.

  • Capital One

    Capital One has been a longterm partner of NeighborWorks America and its community development programs. The bank has extensive experience in affordable multifamily finance. In 2013 they have provided a five-year low cost loan of $1 million to support NeighborWorks Capital’s affordable housing loan program.

  • Charles Schwab Bank

    Charles Schwab Bank is a subsidiary of the Charles Schwab Corporation, which provides a full range of securities, brokerage, banking, money management and financial advisory services. NC is pleased to have them as our first bank investor affiliated with a leading national investment firm. The bank provides NC with a line of credit of $10 million.

  • Community Development Financial Institution Fund

    The US Department of Treasury’s CDFI Fund has awarded NC six Financial Assistance Awards totaling $7.1 million in the past seven years. This permanent, unrestricted capital will be used to further capitalize the loan fund and provide important leverage to raise debt capital.

  • Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank is a leading global bank and CDFI investor focused on community development, affordable housing and community revitalization. The bank renewed and expanded its lines of credit to $7 million line of credit for our interim and mini-perm lending program.

  • HSBC Bank

    NC is pleased to have a new investment from HSBC Bank in the amount of $3 million. This investment supports NC’s lending in HSBC’s market areas in the Northeast, Mid Atlantic and California.

  • Morgan Stanley Bank

    Morgan Stanley is an innovative and leading investor in CDFIs focused on community development, affordable housing and revitalization. As part of its strategic partnership with NeighborWorks America the bank recently closed a $4 million line of credit for our interim and mini-perm lending program.

  • NeighborWorks America

    NeighborWorks® America, NC’s lead strategic partner, has invested more than $31 million of permanent equity capital plus additional operating support allowing NC to leverage investment of additional capital from financial institutions, social investors and foundations. Through an investment agreement, NeighborWorks America’s equity enables NC to leverage this capital and meet the growing financing needs of the NeighborWorks® network.

  • PNC Bank

    As a leading national multifamily lender and low income tax credit investor PNC Bank recently renewed and increased its ccapital investment to $4 million in support of NC’s lending in their market areas in the mid-atlantic and midwestern sections of the country. 

  • TD Bank

    TD Bank has a strong commitment to community development and recently renewed and increased its investment to $3.75 million at below-market terms in support of NC’s lending in their market areas in the northeast, mid-atlantic and south.

  • The Kresge Foundation

    The Kresge Foundation, a leading philanthropic investor, has a focus on leveraging the effectiveness of umbrella organizations to strengthen the non-profit sector. Building on the foundation of the Strength Matters TM efforts to improve organization’s enterprise level financial strength Kresge is providing NC with a $5 million Program Related Investment to launch and capitalize the “NeighborWorks Strategic Growth Fund” which will offer low-cost, longer-term capital to NWOs to sustain and grow their business operations. NC is partnering with NeighborWorks America to provide additional business planning and shared learning opportunities with borrowers.

  • Wells Fargo Bank

    Wells Fargo has a long history supporting affordable for-sale and multifamily housing and is a strategic partner of NeighborWorks America. The bank is an innovator and leader in investing in CDFIs and is NC’s largest bank investor. The bank has provided a $2 million EQ2 investment for ten years and a $10 million line of credit for our interim and mini-perm lending program.

Lending Partners

We assist our borrowers by coordinating financing with other community development lenders who share our mission. This streamlines the underwriting and closing process and reduces transaction costs. Some current and previous partners include: