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Bridge loan

Case Study




Interim funding to cover gap in availability of public agency, private loan, equity investment, grant/donation, or other committed funding, for predevelopment, acquisition, or construction/stabilization periods

Loan amount

Up to $500,000 unsecured

Larger loan amounts up to $3,000,000 maybe permitted with security in real property, assignment of grant proceeds, or other options – please discuss with your loan officer

Loan term

Up to 36 months

Interest rate

From 6.00%, dependent on security, term, process to move project to construction or other start point


None required up to $500,000

Options with larger loans include liens on real estate, assignment of grant funding or developer fees, assignment of ownership interest, etc.

Repayment source

Committed construction or permanent financing for development, including private or public agency loans, or grants and or capital campaign donations.


Application fee - $1,000
Origination fee – 1.00% to 1.50% of loan amount

Third-party reports

May require appraisal, environmental assessment, capital needs assessment for specific collateral