Single-Family Line of Credit

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Single-Family Line of Credit

Case Study

Wealth Watchers

Wealth Watchers | New construction line of credit

Wealth Watchers is using a $500,000 revolving line from NC to build new homes on vacant lots they own. By adding new homes to moderate income neighborhoods, Wealth Watchers is creating affordable homeownership and a sustainable line of business.

NeighborWorks Capital was a responsive financing partner, ready to apply a mission-focused solution, rather than try to fit us into an off-the-shelf product. It will allow us to grow our real estate business and our impact around Jacksonville, improving our community and our bottom line. ~ Carrie Davis, President and CEO, Wealth Watchers




To purchase existing single-family homes for rehabilitation and sale, or to purchase vacant lots for new construction of for-sale homes

Loan amount

Up to $5,000,000

Loan term

12-month initial term, with unlimited 12-month renewals, based on borrower performance and capacity

Interest rate

From 5.25% to 6.50%, dependent on lien position, loan term, and complexity of the process to move the project to construction or other start point


First liens on the properties being acquired or constructed

Maximum LTV/LTC 80%

Repayment source

Proceeds from the sale of homes


Application Fee - $1,000
Origination Fee - 0.75% to 1.0% of loan amount

Draws and funding

Funds are drawn on a progress basis, generally once per month, through standard inspection and requisition process

Draw fee – 0.75% of draw amount

Third-party reports

Appraisal, environmental questionnaire, market analysis