NeighborWorks America Celebrates 40 Years of Affordable Housing and Community Development

Since 2000, NeighborWorks Capital has delivered the flexible capital needed by NeighborWorks America affiliates to provide affordable homes and strengthen communities.

Panel at NeighborWorks America's 40th Anniversary
(L to R) Sheila Rice, Interim Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, NeighborWorks America; Lori Gay, President and CEO, Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County; Greta Harris, President and CEO, Better Housing Coalition; Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO, Beyond Housing.

This year, NeighborWorks America celebrates its 40th anniversary of empowering individuals through its support of affordable housing, and transformation of neighborhoods through community development.

NeighborWorks has built an inimitable network of 250 of the nation’s best community development organizations and invested $70 billion to help 4 million families with affordable homes. Nearly 1 million homes have been built, constructed, acquired and preserved by Network members.

“NeighborWorks Capital is proud to be NeighborWorks America’s partner for the past 20 years,” said NeighborWorks Capital CEO Jim Ferris. “Their vision to bring early stage capital to the real estate developers in the network created NeighborWorks Capital in 2000. Their program and substantial investment means we help more network members make greater impacts in their communities across the nation.”

NeighborWorks Capital has assisted in the creation and preservation of over 21,000 units of affordable housing. In the next five years, NeighborWorks Capital plans to double our lending impact. For the 20th year, NeighborWorks America has invested in our growth to help us meet that goal.

On Sept. 19, NeighborWorks America reflected on its accomplishments and strategized opportunities for the next 40 years at its symposium, “40 Years of Community Partnerships, Investments & Impacts.” This event included many of the leaders and influencers from throughout NeighborWorks’ history. Hear the stories that informed its pioneering work in homeownership and community development and become a part of the discussions of the opportunities for the road ahead.

Watch its 40th Anniversary symposium at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

NeighborWorks America's 40th Anniversary Symposium
(L to R) Marietta Rodriguez, President and CEO, NeighborWorks America; Rebecca Bond, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, NeighborWorks America; Grovetta Gardineer, Board Member, NeighborWorks America and Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy, Office of the Comptroller; Martin Gruenberg, Board Chair, NeighborWorks America and Appointive Director, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; Rutledge Simmons, Executive Vice President and General Counsel/Corporate Secretary, NeighborWorks America

As America’s Community Development Network, NeighborWorks America facilitates this success through grant funding, training, peer-exchange opportunities, demonstration projects, technical assistance/consulting and evaluation tools. It was born out of the determination and dedication of a determined housewife named Dorothy Richardson, who led neighbors in a campaign to clean up and revitalize their Pittsburgh neighborhood. In that same vein, NeighborWorks builds strong, resilient communities by providing people with opportunities to live in safe, healthy, and affordable homes.