Personalized Loans Help Increase Affordable Manufactured Home Developments Across the US

More than 10 million American households spend more than half of their income on rent. As home prices rise, demand for manufactured and factory-built home development has increased, due to community acceptance, burgeoning financing market, and increased quality.

NC’s Bridge Loans Help Accelerate Development Across the Country

Short-term bridge loans help organizations with liquidity needed to complete projects and increase the pace of development.

Funding small, tailored single-family homes for workforce housing

Smaller scale projects still make a significant impact on families who struggle with affordable housing options.

Flexible loan finances mixed-use redevelopment of former mill

We are proud to work with Lawrence CommunityWorks in Massachusetts to transform a former mill into into a mixed use development.

A Permanent Loan to Oak Hill CDC Helps Refinance and Rehabilitate Homes in Massachusetts

NC welcomes new customer Oak Hill CDC.