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Q&A with Stacey Epperson, President & Founder – Next Step Network

As the demand for manufactured homes increases, we sat down with Stacey Epperson, President & Founder of Next Step Network to learn more about the benefits, opportunities, trends, impact on energy-efficiency, buyer-focused training, and importance of a new NeighborWorks America learning community.

Personalized Loans Help Increase Affordable Manufactured Home Developments Across the US

More than 10 million American households spend more than half of their income on rent. As home prices rise, demand for manufactured and factory-built home development has increased, due to community acceptance, burgeoning financing market, and increased quality.

$2.5 million Line of Credit with NC will help Avenue CDC meet major need for affordable housing demand in Houston

Hurricane Harvey caused billions in damages, destroying homes and lives. Avenue CDC is helping to expand housing options.

New construction in Oakland, to be paid forward

CDHC-NR is building a home in Oakland to generate cash to invest in more homes in the Bay Area