Eden Housing Moves Residents in Wake of California Wildfires

For the last few years, wildfires have brought chaos and confusion to Northern California, often affecting low-income residents the most deeply. Eden Housing, which has served this population for 51 years, knows that being prepared can mitigate the risks to residents and staff, especially as wildfires become more frequent.
In the span of just a few weeks this fall, two of its properties in Northern California were threatened by the Kincade wildfire, and others experienced power outages, which local authorities had implemented as fire prevention. Thanks to its planning and preparedness, Eden was able to evacuate their residents—including seniors, families and disabled residents—with no serious injuries.
“It was incredible to see,” said Daniela Ogden, Eden Housing’s Vice President of Communications, Advocacy, and Fund Development. “Our staff is so committed. Eden is all about community, and I think this really demonstrated that.”
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