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Our newest addition to the NeighborWorks Capital team, Business Analyst Haaris Alvi works with the Portfolio Management and Finance teams. Previously, he worked as a Business Analyst at Capital One on the Small Business Fraud Defense team, focusing on leveraging data to reduce instances of fraud across new banking products. Get to know Haaris: 

What keeps you interested in Community Development finance?

Knowing that the work we do as a CDFI is directly meant to help others definitely keeps me interested. It’s easy to push through when you know that the result of your work is creating housing opportunities in traditionally underserved areas. Coming from a corporate background, it’s refreshing to see that the team is motivated to do good work for the sake of the mission, and I think that’s why many of us continue to stay interested in the CDFI industry.

What is your personal mission? How will your work with NeighborWorks Capital advance that?

Working at NeighborWorks Capital will likely help influence what my personal mission eventually becomes. Seeing the impact of our work via site visits or even through reports citing impact data might be strong factors in determining my personal mission.

What drew you to NeighborWorks Capital?

The main draw to NeighborWorks Capital for me is being able to work on a smaller team with a very established mission that’s focused on helping others. My previous role was at a large corporation, and I felt it was very easy to get lost in the shuffle, both in terms of work and mission. Working with a smaller team allows for more responsibility and provides some more variability in the day to day, which I am looking forward to, and it’s visible that everyone is passionate about the mission here.

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