About Us

Our Genesis

NeighborWorks Capital (NC) is a national non-profit community development loan fund based in Silver Spring, Maryland serving NeighborWorks America’s member organizations (NWOs) in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. NC is certified by the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and is governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors, a majority of whom are Executives of NWOs along with industry leaders with expertise in community development, lending and non-profit operations.

Almost 20 years ago NeighborWorks America (NW), responding to the advocacy of the NWOs, invested in their vision and capitalized two loan funds. Beginning in 1994 RNA Community Builders, a loan fund serving rural NWOs was created, and was complimented in 2000 with the creation of Neighborhood Capital Corporation serving NWOs undertaking multifamily projects. In 2007 the member-led boards of each loan fund agreed to consolidate to better serve the real estate development finance needs of the entire network. With a renewed investment commitment by NeighborWorks America the two loan funds combined their expertise, assets and customers to provide a broader array of products to the entire NeighborWorks network. The organization was re-branded NeighborWorks Capital to reflect this expanded role. While the name has changed our history of providing affordable loan products to the network has not.

Our Vision

America is a nation of vibrant and diverse communities where everyone is proud to have a place to call home.

Our Mission

NeighborWorks Capital delivers the flexible capital needed by NeighborWorks America affiliates to provide affordable homes and strengthen communities.

Our Strategy

The board of directors and senior staff undertook an extensive process to define its business strategy beginning in 2014. The five strategic goals are shown here. You can read the full plan here

  • Triple its cumulative lending volume to $350 million while maintaining strong loan quality
  • Double its on-balance sheet loan capital to $100 million through leverage and diversification of capital sources, and leverage an additional $30 million in in off-balance sheet capital
  • Increase its impact on the communities served by NeighborWorks organizations
  • Advocate on behalf of CDFIs and the communities we serve
  • Grow and strengthen the organization to implement this plan

Our Focus

NeighborWorks Capital’s primary customers are the NWOs in the affordable housing development and property management lines of business and aligns with NeighborWorks America’s strategic goals of production, preservation of affordable housing and provision of capital. Based on those goals NC offers flexible and affordable loan products from Predevelopment through Permanent that can be used for: pre-development costs; acquisition of land, buildings and general partner interests; construction; rehabilitation; bridge of equity or government funding; and preservation of NWO-owned or acquired naturally occuring affordable housing projects. NC offers limited long-term permanent financing in communities where it is not typically available by financial institutions.

Distri­buted across all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the NeighborWorks® network includes a diverse array of nonprofit, mission-driven organizations engaged in community preservation, affordable housing develop­ment, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and community services in urban, suburban and rural communities across the United States.