About Us

Our Vision

America is a nation of vibrant and diverse communities where everyone is proud to have a place to call home.

Our Mission

NeighborWorks Capital delivers the flexible capital NeighborWorks America affiliates need to provide affordable homes and strengthen communities.

Our Why

We believe the NeighborWorks America network is a powerful catalyst for locally driven community advancement. We support their equitable and inclusive work by connecting human, financial, and intellectual capital.

We believe that everyone should have a place that they can proudly call home. To make this vision a reality, we creatively design funding solutions for NeighborWorks affiliates. Together, we help provide affordable homes and strengthen vibrant and diverse communities.

Founded with seed capital from NeighborWorks America in 1994 we began providing affordable loans to the NeighborWorks network in rural communities. By 2000, the growing need for multifamily housing forced us to expand nationwide.

How We Help

Our financing solutions cover critical costs for predevelopment, land and property acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and preservation. We invest in communities where mainstream financial institutions cannot reach with appropriate products or terms. Filling these critical resource gaps in communities enables stronger neighborhoods with new and preserved affordable housing and community facilities.

We are a national non-profit, certified Community Development Financial Institution and rated by Aeris-Insight. We serve NeighborWorks America’s member organizations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia from our office in Silver Spring, Maryland.

About the NeighborWorks America Network

The NeighborWorks America network is a diverse array of more than 250 non-profit, mission-driven community organizations engaged in affordable housing development, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, and resident and community services in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the United States.