Acquisition Loans

Acquisition Loans

AHC's St. James Plaza

When the right property comes along, you need to be ready. Whether you’re purchasing an operating building or buying land for future development, an acquisition loan gives you the resources to act when the time is right. 

With an acquisition loan from NeighborWorks Capital, members of the NeighborWorks America network can quickly acquire the property they need, even if they’re not quite ready to start renovation or development. Whether you need a primary funding source or to fill a gap left by traditional lending sources, NeighborWorks Capital can help.

Acquisition Loans for All Cases

When the right property comes up for sale, you don’t have time to wait on slow funding sources. Our loan officers are ready to help you close quickly so you can act on that opportunity. With proactive support and a knowledgeable team, we get you through the loan application processes as quickly as possible. Ask us about: 
  • Land and property acquisition loans
  • Loan amounts up to $10,000,000
  • Fixed interest rates starting at 6% 
  • Repayment by construction or permanent financing
For the acquisition of operating properties, we offer loan terms of up to 60 months with a maximum LTV as high as 95%. That’s higher than the industry average. If you need to acquire land for future development, we offer loan terms of up to 36 months with a maximum LTV as high as 85%.  For your short-term funding needs, no one offers more flexibility and support than NeighborWorks Capital. Check our term sheet for more details. 

Close on Your Timeline

Our lending team works to underwrite and close your loan quickly and on your schedule. From your first call through final closing, your loan officer works to meet your needs and keep your project on track.
We consider each funding request with your project goals and deadlines in mind. Your mission is to provide affordable homes that strengthen communities. We understand NeighborWorks organizations and we’re here to provide funding solutions that meet your needs and fit your timeline.

Contact a Loan Officer

If you’re a member of the NeighborWorks America network, we’re here for you. Our mission is to help you achieve yours. If acquiring land or properties is part of that mission, we’re here to help. From raw land to operating properties, we have a solution to match your opportunity. Contact a loan officer to start exploring your options.
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Lanie Wasserman

Senior Loan Officer
Southern and Midwest Regions

Mike Haas

Senior Loan Officer
Northeast and Western Regions

Guide to Applying for Acquisition Loans

  • Wondering how acquisition loans can meet your goals?
  • Confused by loan applications?
  • Concerned about choosing the right lender?
Our acquisition loan technical assistance guide can help you understand use cases and make sure you have all of your documents ready for a quick and efficient closing process. Of course, we’re also here to help if you need us.

Supporting the NeighborWorks America Network

From land acquisition to purchasing operating properties, acquisition loans make all kinds of projects possible. See how members of the NeighborWorks Network used acquisition loans to act on opportunity and support their mission.
Acquisition Case Study

AHC St. James Plaza

When long-time customer AHC wanted to acquire St. James Plaza in Alexandria, VA, an area which had been losing affordable housing options, they contacted NeighborWorks ...
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Acquisition Case Study

INHS Verona Village

Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services (INHS) will refinance and renovate Verona Village, improving energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs, and improving the lives of the tenants.
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