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December is here, and we are planning for an impactful 2023. As we do so, the team is also thankful for the many ways we’ve been able to work with our NeighborWorks America customers to support their transformational work. 

Jim Peffley, CEO

In November, I made my first set of customer visits as CEO of NeighborWorks Capital. I met with the teams from Chinatown CDC, MEDA, TNDC, and EBALDC and saw many examples of their community-driven work. 

I have tremendous respect for the work our customers are doing. It takes vision, persistence, and risk-taking. I appreciate one of the consistent traits of NeighborWorks members, which is the focus on community-informed change. Many organizations are doing good work across the country. 

Still, in my experience, NeighborWorks America members are unique because their work reflects the desires of the communities where they are based. It is often the case that developers bring ideas to communities that only sometimes reflect what residents want.

That is not the case with NeighborWorks America affiliates because you are essentially local organizations that reflect the desires of the communities you serve. This is a wonderful thing, and we celebrate it!

Karoleen Feng and Luis Granados from MEDA with Mike Haas and Jim Peffley from NeighborWorks Capital

NeighborWorks Capital seeks to share your vision and provide the patient capital needed to achieve that vision. When realities on the ground require a change in plans, we strive to be part of that change.

2023 will be a year of positive change for NeighborWorks Capital. Early next year, we will be rolling out plans to expand the types of value we provide members of NeighborWorks America. We are wrapping up a process through which we are clarifying our “WHY” statement. If you are not familiar with the concept of a WHY statement, I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch Simon Sinek’s TED Talk: Start with Why. A company’s WHY is its PURPOSE. It is WHY you exist, what you believe.

We look forward to communicating our WHY in early 2023 and explaining how it will drive our work. Thanks for all you do to create opportunities for others.

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